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the precarious sunny season has just started

the tax man’s taken all my dough,
and left me in my stately home,
lazing on a sunny afternoon,
i can’t even sail my yacht,
he’s taken everything I’ve got,
all i’ve got’s this sunny afternoon


i would go out tonight… but i haven’t got a stitch to wear !

i would go out tonight
but i haven’t got a stitch to wear
this man said “it’s gruesome that someone so handsome should care.”
we know so much about these things.
(nice smiths’ cover)

we are happy shoppers ! i’m so happy shopper !

“she’s a happy shopper
the happy shopper
we are happy shoppers
the happy shopper !”
60ft dolls – happy shopper
precarious sale starts tomorrow.

precarious röyksopp… on tour!

forget about fancy hotels, 5-star class tour buses, champagne and all the glamour of a band travelling the world promoting their latest album.
ok this video is not really about recession in the music industry but i can’t help thinking it’s a premonition of what could happen if music promoters have to cut the expenses on the tour budget.
well ok it’s just an excuse to share this awesome video. röyksopp feat. karin dreijer andersson.

watch out, cupid… money is a sick muse !

metric – sick muse

unemployed in summertime?

“unemployed in summertime
i’ve only just turned 21, i’ll be ok
unemployed in summertime
don’t need money ’cause we’re young”
emiliana torrini

the spinto band: precarious music video makers

you don’t need loads of special effects to make a great video.
the spinto band are a great band from delaware, usa. they used to call themselves “free beer”.
their video for “summer grof” is amazing.